Family Guidance for Administering iReady at Home

Why are students taking the diagnostic and why is it so Important?

“Your child’s teachers need to know what our students already know and what they still need to learn so we can plan how to teach them best. The i-Ready Diagnostic can help us get this information for each child, but only if students give it their best effort without anyone else helping with the understanding or answering questions. This Diagnostic is usually given at school, but this time, we need students to take it at home. Your child will benefit from your support and encouragement to ensure the information received accurately reflects what they know and still need to learn. We greatly appreciate your partnership.” – i-Ready

  • Fridge Tips
    Use this one-page “Fridge Tips” to help families remember what to do and have suggestions of what to say as they partner with you to support their child through i-Ready Diagnostic Testing.